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N°: 298/2013
24 October 2013 [Port Novo - Benin]


Another set of eighty three young men and women from ECOWAS Member States will end an intensive training in integrated agriculture entrepreneurship at the Songhai Centre, Porto Novo, Benin Republic, on 29th October 2013, under the youth capacity building programme of the ECOWAS Youth and Sports Development Centre (EYSDC). This 7th edition of the capacity-building programme organized by the Burkina Faso-based EYSDC will equip the youth with a range of vocational skills, including on poultry and crop farming, baking, honey making and other forms of food cultivation and processing. This will bring to 520 the number of Community youths aged between 18 and 35 trained in integrated agricultural entrepreneurship at the Songhai Centre since 2007, under the EYSDC-sponsored programme. More than 200 other community youths have also been trained by the EYSDC in Building and Electrical Wiring at the Soufouroulaye Centre in Mali between 2008 and 2010, while another set of youths has undergone training in Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Motor Mechanic at the Burkina Faso’s Reference Centre for Professional and Vocational Training in Ziniare. In addition to the promotion of sports, the EYSDC is also involved in the training and capacity building, collection and management of database and network administration, collection of information/data relating to youth associations as well as Information, Communication and Telecommunication (ICT) training. Through these activities the Centre seeks to contribute to community youth empowerment and employment initiatives, including the ECOWAS Volunteer Programme. The Centre also promotes poverty alleviation and trains youth on the prevention and settlement of conflicts and peace consolidation, as well as on development and promotion of traditional sports and games.

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