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N°: 291/2013
14 October 2013 [Abuja-Nigeria]


The Steering Committee on the ECOWAS Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) system has ended its meeting in Abuja with the adoption of a road map for the implementation and validation of performance framework and baseline data for Community institutions and National units. At the end of the three-day meeting on 10th October, 2013, the forum took note of efforts made towards the implementation of protocols for regional integration and the need for political will and ownership of the process. The participants also recommended that ECOWAS Nation units be supported with the preparation of relevant, logical and performance framework to facilitate the harmonization and consolidation of their performance reporting mechanism. The meeting, which was informed about the imminent adoption of the operational manual for the National Units, also noted ongoing plans to mark the ECOWAS 40th anniversary in 2015 and the Commission’s effort to strengthen citizen participation in the regional integration process. The meeting also endorsed the M& E Handbook as the guideline on best practices for monitoring and evaluation for use by all stakeholders in the integration project and recommended that adequate tools be put in place to ensure synergy in the implementation of the baseline data to guide the evaluation of the efficacy of all ECOWAS programmes, one of the main objectives of the regional strategic plan for realizing a citizen-centered Community. This is to enable the ECOWAS Commission and other Community institutions comply with the six strategic priorities for realizing the Vision 2020. Under the strategic plan, the Community has committed to the promotion of good governance; creation of a competitive business environment, sustained development and regional cooperation, deepening economic and monetary integration, reinforcing institutional capacity building and strengthening the mechanism for inserting the region into the global economy. The participants also discussed the report prepared by consultants on the status of the M & E system in the region and related issues, particularly the positioning of M & E services in Community institutions and Specialized Agencies. The first phase of the M & E study was launched in April 2012 and the first meeting of the Steering Committee validated the methodology adopted to identify the objective criteria for the selection of key programmes or projects which would form the basis for establishing a reference framework for the evaluation. The meeting was supported by GIZ, the German Cooperation for Development and coordinated by the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit domiciled in the office of the Vice-President of the ECOWAS Commission

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