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N°: 288/2013
11 October 2013 [Abuja - Nigeria]


The ECOWAS Commission has learnt with concern and dismay the mob attack 
perpetrated on 8 October 2013 against the diplomatic mission of the Federal 
Republic of Nigeria in Bissau and the fatal lynching of her nationals in the 

It is regrettable that at a time when ECOWAS and its Member States, in 
particular Nigeria, are leaving no stone unturned in the efforts to keep Guinea 
Bissau solvent and resolve the multiple crises facing her, misguided hoodlums in 
the country would turn against Community citizens in such such despicable 

The Commission unreservedly condemns this reprehensible act and calls on the 
Transitional Authorities to thoroughly investigate the incident with a view to 
shedding light on it and bringing the perpetrators to justice. It also conveys 
its heartfelt condolences and sympathy to the Government and people of Nigeria, 
and to the bereaved and victims of this outrage.  ECOWAS firmly believes in 
adherence to the rule of law and the resolution of any suspected crimes through 
the judicial process.

ECOWAS reaffirms its commitment, in cooperation with the rest of the 
International Community, to facilitating the restoration of constitutional order 
in Guinea Bissau by 31 December 2013 to pave the way for urgent reforms aimed at 
ending impunity and institutionalized instability in the country.

H.E. Désiré Kadré OUEDRAOGO	
President of the ECOWAS Commission		

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