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18 July 2012 [Bamako - Mali]


	The Malian Prime Minister, Dr. Cheick Modibo Diarra, has expressed 
satisfaction with the outcome of the just-concluded Technical Assessment 
Mission (TAM) to Mali, made up of personnel from ECOWAS, the African Union and 
the United Nations.


While receiving members of the mission who presented their report to him on 
18th July, 2012 in Bamako, Dr. Diarra congratulated the team for reaching 
consensus-based conclusions in their meetings with Malian military authorities.


He welcomed the solidarity shown by ECOWAS towards the people of Mali and 
suggested guidelines for the deepening cooperation, and the development of a 
time-table for the deployment of the planned ECOWAS Mission in Mali (MICEMA).  


"In the past, our army participated in military operations in some countries 
of the region and today Mali needs the support of ECOWAS,” the Prime Minister 
said. “It is commendable that our West African brothers are working with the 
Malian army with a view to retaking Northern Mali.”

At a meeting with the Team, the Malian Minister of Defence and War veterans, 
Colonel Yamoussa Camara, expressed the hope that the mission’s proposals would 
lead to a road map for the restoration of Mali’s national unity and 
territorial integrity. 


MICEMA is expected to provide security for the authorities and transitional 
institutions; contribute to capacity building of Malian defence and security 
forces and support the retaking of Northern of Mali from rebel groups, he 
said, applauding the consensus that characterised the interactions between the 
team and Mali’s officials.


The team also met with the Special Representative of the President of the 
ECOWAS Commission in Mali, Mr. Aboudou Toure Cheaka, who used the opportunity 
to thank the Malian government, the defence minister and the Chief of General 
Staff, Colonel Ibrahim Dahirou Dembele, for facilitating the mission.


He said the ground had been prepared for the deployment of ECOWAS Standby 
Force in Mali, adding that the next step was for the Malian government to make 
an official request for the deployment. “The request is now being awaited,” he 


The visit of the Technical Assessment Mission followed the decision of the 
41st ordinary session of the ECOWAS of Heads of State and Government held on 
29th June 2012 in Yamoussoukro, Cote d’Ivoire.


The mission led by Brig-Gen. Hassan Lai, Chief of Staff of the ECOWAS Standby 
Force, met with the Malian military authorities on the modalities for 
collaboration between the country’s Armed Forces and MICEMA.


Members also visited institutions and facilities in Bamako essential for the 
planned deployment of MICEMA, and met with the Malian political administrative 
authorities, representatives of international organizations and diplomatic 
missions, as well as humanitarian and non-governmental organizations operating 
in Northern Mali.


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