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N°: 057/2013
4 March 2013 [Abuja -Nigeria]


Members of the ECOWAS Strategic Planning and Coordination Committee (SPCC) will begin a three-day meeting in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso on Monday 4th March, 2013 to finalize the Risk Management aspect of the Regional Medium Term Action Area (RMTAA). Participants will discuss the introduction of Risk Management in ECOWAS as well as the Roadmap for a management buy-in and the planned launch of the RMTAA. The discussions will also cover the introduction of Knowledge Management in ECOWAS Institutions and the redesigning of ECOWAS institutional architecture. The Vice-President of the Commission, Dr. Toga McIntosh, is expected to chair the bi-annual Committee meeting being hosted by the ECOWAS Youth and Sport Development Centre, Ouagadougou. An initiative of the Strategic Planning Directorate, the SPCC was specifically set up to facilitate the development of a comprehensive regional strategic planning framework to ensure effective implementation of the ECOWAS Vision 2020 and the development of strategic plans in line with the Vision in a coherent and consistent manner. The Committee is also charged with ensuring the alignment of the time frame for the strategic plans and serve as the focal point for strategic planning in each ECOWAS Institution to facilitate the attainment of the goals and objectives of the regional strategic plan.

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